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HIV Information

This section contains some basic but essential information which we hope will be useful. Each article contains links to more in-depth and up to date information at other carefully selected websites.

Introduction to HIV

The Statistics Statistics taken from HIV in the United Kingdom:Health Protection Report Volume 11 Number 35 03/11/2017

What is HIV? What is the HIV virus, how does it relate to AIDS, and how can the virus be kept under control?

Symptoms of HIV What are the symptoms of HIV and when do they occur?

Transmission and Prevention How is HIV transmitted and how can it be prevented? What activities carry the biggest risk and how can infection be avoided?

Testing for HIV If you feel you may have contracted HIV there are good reasons for getting tested. This page explains how to get tested and when.

Living with HIV

HIV Lives Stories from those living with HIV. Many of the contributors are service users of PA.

Learning You Have HIV Becoming HIV positive can be a life changing experience and people react to the diagnosis in many different ways.

Telling Friends, Family and others If you have been diagnosed HIV positive, should you tell your friends, family, co-workers, GP or others? Are there people that you need to tell?

Information for men Information for men either living with HIV or affected in some way by HIV.

Information for women Information specific to women's health and reproduction for those infected or affected by HIV.

HIV and the Law Though you do not have to tell people you have HIV, there are legal implications if you infect somebody. This article gives further information.


HIV Treatment There is no cure for HIV however there is medication which is very effective at controlling the virus. This medication will need to be taken regularly to work.

Adherence If you are taking HIV medication, adherence to this regime is very important. If you do not take them as prescribed, the virus can become resistant to the medication.