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What We Do

Image of red ribbon flag flying

Positive Action is currently developing new ways to provide information, education and advice to our members, whatever stage they are in their lives with HIV, and to work with local communities to challenge stigma and discrimination.

Live Webchat

We are working in partnership with NHS Solent Trust to bring you daily access to a secure webchat specifically designed to help with questions or concerns about HIV. Specialist advisors can provide confidential information and advice in response to your questions on any topic including:

  • ‘I’ve had unprotected sex, where can I have an HIV test’
  • ‘I am scared, I have just been diagnosed with HIV’
  • ‘I am feeling lonely and isolated following my HIV diagnosis and don’t know who to talk to’

Currently the webchat operates from 12:00 to 14:00 Monday to Friday. Click here to access the site.

HIV Support Groups

Peer support groups bring people together who share a common interest or have first-hand experience of similar situations. Support groups and networks for PLWH are known to help people feel less alone, share experiences and learn from each other.

Positive Action is connected to three existing groups for PLWH in Surrey and Hampshire and would like to see new groups established so anyone who is interested in joining a group can find one. We would like to see a network of groups for PLWH across all our localities and for some groups to support people with specific needs or to provide support on a specific topic e.g. healthy living.

Please contact us to find out more about the groups running in Surrey and Hampshire or if you are interested in setting up a new group.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors share their knowledge and experience to help others improve their own understanding of HIV and treatment, take greater care of their health and build confidence in living with and talking about HIV. This can be an effective way of enabling people with HIV to live well and manage their HIV. A first cohort of volunteers linked to Positive Action has completed peer mentoring training with Project 100 and we will be working with them to set up more peer support groups and a befriending scheme.

Training and Workshops

Positive Action has been providing training courses and workshops for PLWH, professionals and volunteers since 2011. We are currently developing a training programme on a range of topics. Please email enquiries@positiveaction.org.uk for more information and check our diary page for the details of courses in the future.

Directory of Information

We have compiled a directory of local services across Surrey and Hampshire to make it easier for you to find help, advice or support quickly. From finding your nearest sexual health clinic, to help with benefits or someone to talk to, we can provide the full contact details of organisations who can help. Click here to explore the Directory.